Vanessa Y. Marroquin – Chief Operating Officer

Vanessa is the Chief Operating Officer of Hiller Enterprise. She oversees partnership relationships, agreements, and contracts. Additionally, she also manages all departments of Hiller Enterprise. With her, self-taught experience she has managed to revamp Hiller Enterprise’s social media accounts and website. She has used all her knowledge to influence the company’s public relations. Vanessa is always willing to take over roles when necessary and has been part of the company since founded which makes her the best candidate for this role.
Vanessa studied Legal Studies at the University of La Verne and received her paralegal certificate from Los Angeles Valley College extension program. She has over ten years of experience in the legal field specializing in labor/workers compensation law and has worked in top workers compensation law firms prior to working with Hiller Enterprise. She also received her Associates Degree in Anthropology from Los Angeles Valley College. Vanessa has studied business, communications, anthropology, legal studies, and media design her various traits makes her a huge asset to the company.
When she is not in the office or at office related events Vanessa enjoys her hobbies. Vanessa is a part of the World Wildlife Fund and loves to participate in their species step challenges that helps contribute to the wildlife animal of the foundation’s choice. She is also a proud donor to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) an organization that was founded on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment in the hands of humans and under the law. Vanessa is also a proud donor to the Best Friends Animal Society an organization that prides themselves in working to save the lives of dogs and cats all across America giving pets a second chance. Aside from her philanthropic interest, Vanessa enjoys spending time with her family, fiancé, and her dogs and cats. She likes to read various books, go to the beach, attend yoga, reiki and sound mediation classes, as well as learning more about sustainability.

Alma Matter: University of LaVerne – LAVC Extension

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