Specializing in Taxes (Individual, Business, Trust), Business Development, Business Management, and Real Estate Investment. Hiller Enterprise is a proactive firm that focuses on Millennial/Next Generation of Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Professionals/Investors, and families. Offering Personal 1 on 1 guidance to help establish a secure financial future.

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Assisting with tax preparations including 1099/1096 preparations and specializing in individual, corporation(s), Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Estate and Trust and Non-Profits. In depth tax consultation, and electronically filed tax returns reviewed with special computer software to identify potential problems with the IRS and for a faster refund.

Tax Services

Strategic Management

Aiding with strategic business management resources including Entity formation, Bookkeeping, and Research planning consulting services. Additionally, provide business owners with knowledge on how to Identify & Protect important Records, Implementing Custom Secure Computer Systems for their business and how to implement a Recruitment Process Develop a system to manage your Human Resources

Business Management

Real Estate Investments

Facilitating information on Syndications and promoting investment opportunities for partnerships with BBS Investments, Marshall Reddick,  Beach City Capital and SO Cal Ventures.

Estate Investments

Business Development

Providing clients with Specific Staffing Objectives including but not limited to Emergency or Planned Temporary Help, Prospective Employee Interview & Screening and Employee Instruction & Training.

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